3 Things to Know About Renovations at The Eye Doctor

It’s finally done!  The renovations at The Eye Doctor are complete and the office is now OPEN!  When I began to dream of my ideal Optometric practice, I always knew I wanted it to be in the heart of East Greenwich. 

Main St. has such a good vibe!  It makes me so happy to walk down Main St. and see all the independently owned shops and restaurants.  To me, nothing says “quality and service” like a local shop where the shop’s owner is the person interacting directly with each patron.

When I saw the space at 16 Main St., I knew that I was standing in my future.  It’s taken six months of planning and construction, but the moment I’ve waited for has finally arrived.  The Eye Doctor is complete, and my dream is reality.

I want to share the top 3 things to know about the newly constructed office.  Ready? Here we go:

1)      The office was originally three different suites occupied by an insurance company

As many East Greenwich locals will remember, 16 Main Street was once occupied by the GenCorp Insurance company.  The Hilb Group insurance company now occupies the first two floors of 16 Main St. and The Eye Doctor is located on the third floor.  There is a small parking lot in the front of the building and a large parking lot in the rear.  The third floor is completely handicap accessible by using the ADA compliant elevator.

 Creating a state-of-the art medical facility out of what was previously an insurance firm was no easy task!  Contractors broke down walls and created one, large office space out of what was once three different suites.  Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical upgrades were made to create the beautiful medical facility that is now The Eye Doctor.

 Two bathrooms were gutting and moved (see the bathtubs in the first photo!!) to join the two largest suites and create a hallway that runs the expanse of the newly joined spaces.

An inviting entryway and patient check-in window were created from a formerly narrow hallway.



2)      The Optical area was custom built by a local builder

When choosing how to design the office space and what building materials to use, I wanted to create a homey and welcoming environment.  I wanted patients to feel immediately comfortable upon entering the office.  I wanted them to have the same feeling they have when visiting a good friend. 

The patient welcome area is light and bright with plenty of comfortable seating.  Plants and books adorn the office.  Photos of historical East Greenwich are hidden among the shelves.

The white optical dispensing table is a treasure I found at The White Elephant, Main St., East Greenwich.  I was so happy to buy this item from another Main St. merchant!

 Custom made optical displays line the patient welcome area.  These displays are unique to any other you will see.  When choosing my materials, I had the choice to import plastic, ready-made displays.  Being that I am such a fan of local artisans and business people, I didn’t love that option.  Instead, I asked my fantastic Contractor, Rick Bicknell, to custom build my optical displays. After a lot of coffee and “back of the napkin” sketches, Rick created the gorgeous optical displays that now line the patient welcome area.

 3)      There is a coffee bar featuring yummy hot drinks and snacks from local shops

In keeping with the idea of creating a space for visitors to feel at home, I always knew I wanted to create a coffee bar.  When entertaining friends and family, don’t we always offer them a refreshment upon arriving?


Perched atop this antique Singer sewing table from Relics and Rarities, located at 581 Main St., East Greenwich, is a beverage station that will brew delicious coffee or hot chocolate drinks.  There is always a featured local treat too.  Today, we have chocolate covered Oreo cookies from Sweet Twist, Post Rd., East Greenwich. 

 I’m so excited to begin welcoming patients to The Eye Doctor.  Please call 401.227.5300 or use the easy online booking available via our online scheduler to come and see the office in person!  I’ve also added video links to the website to give visitors a preview of this beautiful space.  There is a LOT more to see than what is in the video, so book your appointment soon and come in for a visit!

A quick glimpse of our new office.. Please stop by to see for yourself or schedule an appointment.