“If you’ve seen one autistic patient, you’ve seen one autistic patient.” The wide variety of signs and symptoms of autism is the reason why the term Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) was coined, describing the broad range of disorders including learning disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome, and autism.

Most people may think the unusual behavior is related to the disorder. However, there may be visual problems that, if detected early, can potentially make a difference in enhancing an individual’s quality of life. Much of an autistic individual’s stimulus is visual. Poor eye contact, side viewing/looking, and visuo-spatial deficits such as hand-flapping and flicking hands near the face are all signs of a vision deficit that, with a comprehensive visual efficiency exam, can determine if lenses, prisms, or optometric vision therapy can functionally help these patients.

Dr. Falk’s daughter, Nora, is a non-verbal autistic child. Serving the needs of this group is very close to her heart.

THE EYE DOCTOR provides a place for autistic, and other special needs individuals, to receive eye care that is tailored to their needs.