Hello Everyone

This is my first blog…like….ever! When I’ve read other people’s blogs, it seems that whatever they are blogging about is their passion. I guess I’ve never blogged before because I never felt that level of passion about something before. That is, until now.

In my career as an Optometrist (Eye Doctor), I’ve seen a lot of changes in the health care industry. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside brilliant doctors, leaders, and legislators. I witnessed both excellence in patient care and patients with limited access to care. I witnessed how, at times, health care is less about the patient and more about the insurance coverage.

After gaining all this experience, I began to dream about the “ideal” Optometric practice. I dreamed about what it would look like, how patients would feel about the care they received, and how I would feel about my place in the health care community.

That dream is what led me to create THE EYE DOCTOR. This dream practice will be a place where patients can receive excellent care by a real member of their community. This will be a place where patients are not treated as number and an insurance claim, but as an individual. This will be a place where patients receive top-notch care that is also affordable.

I became a doctor to care for the members of my community. I hope you will follow me as my dream of THE EYE DOCTOR becomes a reality.

Wishing you good health,
Amy Falk, OD, MBA